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Models for men are equiped with a high middle rod. Models for women are equiped with a sporty trapeze frame and unisex models with a wave frame offer a very deep step-through.



Bikes with diamond frame have a high top tube between saddle and handlebars and are thus often considered to be the classic bikes for men. The top tube is lowered for models with trapeze frame facilitating getting on. E-bikes with wave frames offers a very comfortable getting on, because there is not top tube between handlebars and saddle.


Frame height

The frame height is a decisive size indication for e-bikes. Rule of thumb is: leg length x 0.66 + - 2 cm.

Frame height

Gear shift

Filter the e-bikes according to the type of gear shift: e-bikes with hub gear or derailleur or ultra-modern pedelecs with infinitely variable automatic.

Gear shift

Motor position

Choose between e-bikes with mid-engine or front engine. Mid-engines offer best cycling features. Front motors pull stronger, are more affordable, and are easier to transform.

Motor position

Tyre size

Choose here the tyre size of your e-bike. The tyre diameter is given in inches; 28 inches correspond to about 71 cm.

Tyre size

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Hercules e-bike E-Imperial S9 (Wave, 28 inches) purchase online now
Note: The e-bike with a diamond frame is illustrated. This model is delivered with a wave frame.
The Hercules e-bike E-Imperial S9 (Wave, 28 inches) is the perfect packhorse with a maximum permissible weight of 180 kg. Even at high loads, the Bosch Performance middle motor comfortably pushes when you start pedalling. A speed of 25 km/h (until the pedalling support stops) is quickly reached with the Hercules e-bike E-Imperial S9 (Wave, 28 inches).
  • Model 2020
  • frame: Wave, Unisex, Alu 7005
  • 250 watts Mid-engine of Bosch Performance
  • Lithium-Ionen Pannier rack battery with 36 Volt, 13.8 Ah, 500 Wh
  • Shimano Deore XT 9-gear Derailleur gears with Freewheel / idle
  • Maximum permissible total weight: 180 kg
  • Colour: black - shiny
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T-Fitness puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the T-Fitness expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The frame height describes the space from the middle of the bottom bracket to the end of the seat tube. This makes it the most important factor for sizing of your bike. The following chart gives a good indication for choosing the appropriate frame height. Measure your inner leg length/standover (from floor to the pace) and multiply it with 0.66.
Frame height (in cm)Inner leg length (in cm)
38 - 4157 - 62
41 - 4362 - 65
43 - 4665 - 70
46 - 4870 - 73
48 - 5273 - 79
52 - 5679 - 85
56 - 5985 - 89
> 60> 89
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E-Bikes, Pedelecs & electric bicycles

E-bikes is strongly in the ascendant. Sales figues prove every year: E-mobility is in. E-bikes are not just fine for older or people who seldom work out. Pedelecs, the correct name, do not relieve you of pedalling. The bikes with electric motor offer a pedal support. Pedalling is not completely relieved of you but facilitated. Even among younger people, electric bikes catch on in a huge way. This is given by a precious design and technological innovations, making cycling a pure pleasure. Try our product filter so you can find the appropriate e-bike.

Due to the trend towards e-bikes, the market has become unclear in the meantime. We offer a selection of very high-quality e-bikes of renowned manufacturers. The manufacturers of the e-bike shop are quality manufacturers, which are characterized by experience, innovation, and highest fabrication standards. Our shop offers top e-bikes of different tyre sizes, frame shapes, and frame heights. How to determine the right e-bike-size, can be read in our e-bike guide.

E-bikes: ideal for city, country, and open country

E-bikes are the ideal companion for many occasions with their integrated motors: for everyday tours like the way to work, for tours in the open or tours in the open country. Under ideal conditions, an e-bike battery offers a range up to 130 km. This is made possible by the latest generation of lithium ion accumulators. This have a much longer charge capacity and are designed for much more charge cycles.

E-bikes offer fun for men and women of any age

The selection of e-bikes is big, so that everybody can find the appropriate model. By now, even younger people have discovered pedelecs. They appreciate the comfort and the design of bikes with motors. E-bikes offer you and old, sporty persons and those seldom working out an independent means of transportation, which is eco-friendly as well. Either conquering the hill to your apartment coming form the inner city of Stuttgart or making a cycling tour along the channel coming from the inner city of Kiel.

The most important pedelec types

Pedelecs mainly differ in use and shapes of frames. There are e-bikes, i.e., which are optimized for everyday use on shortest tours, i.e., in the city. They offer highest comfort for short distances. Shoppings are easily transported and the way to work is easily handled. Trekking e-bikes offer best cycling features for longer distances and in light open country. They the sporty variety of the city e-bike and are suitable for shorter tours as well as long cycling tours. Sport e-bikes are designed for use in the open country and for sport-oriented cycling. They are more sturdy, have thicker tyres, and some things are forgone. Most e-mountainbikes do not have splashguards.

Three shapes of frames have established: the diamond frame with the high middle bar is the classic bike for men, it offers the best proportion of stability and weight. Pedelecs with the trapezial frame stand for classic women bikes. Here, the top tube is lowered. Of course, given gender should not keep you from choosing other frame shapes. The most popular frame shape of e-bikes is the wave frame. Its name originates in the curved down tube, which reminds of a wave. It has a very deep access, making getting on very easy. E-bikes with wave frames are the right choice for women and men, who attach greatest importance to comfort. We recommend other shapes of frames for sporty use.

Furthermore, there are many little details, making your e-bike YOUR individual tour companion. Some pedelecs, i.e., offer a start support, which is suitable for weaker persons, because the start resistance is much higher. There are pedelecs with automatic, hub gears or derailleur gears. It's your choice ! Find your personal e-bike.
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